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The authentic Chinese restaurant in Wilston

Expand your senses with the masters of the flaming wok!

In Sichuan province in southwestern China, the spice is king. At Sichuan Bang Bang Chinese restaurant in Wilston, our chefs recreate the fiery tastes of this cuisine for local tastebuds.

The ingredients are traditional and full of flavour, yet surprisingly humble...

We regularly update our menu to take advantage of seasonal produce. But the one element of dishes which does not change is the Sichuan peppercorn. This spice gives our dishes the signature taste of Sichuan cuisine.

It is known for producing a tingling sensation in the mouth as well as its unique citrus-like taste.

The flare of flame in the wok as our chefs ply their craft is anything but!

The incredible flavours are a large part of the reason why Sichuan cuisine has gained popularity outside of China. But the possibility of making the stir fry preparations a spectacle of searing flame and colour has helped too.

Because it is not all about the classic interplay of spice, chilli and garlic. Well, actually it is. But we can also often adjust the taste to suit your palette if you are not a spice lover. There are also several traditional Sichuan dishes which use no hot spices at all.

When you are looking for a Chinese restaurant which offers a signature style you will not find elsewhere, give us a call.

We also deliver to other areas and suburbs of Brisbane, including Newmarket, Grange, Lutwyche, Windsor and Herston.

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Unique among Wilston restaurants

Come for the taste. Stay for the style.

Almost alone among Wilston restaurants which serve Chinese cuisine, Sichuan Bang Bang is all about this unique style of preparation and cooking. Sometimes exported as "Szechwan cuisine" or "Szechuan cuisine", this style is often one of many which a restaurant will offer.

At Sichuan Bang Bang though, it is the one thing we do. And we do it well.

The ingredients we use play a major role in this. Carefully selecting them ensures you are tasting the same flavours and smelling the same aromas you would if you visited Sichuan province in person. Sichuan cooking is mainly about creating bold flavours, with garlic and local spices both featuring in most dishes. There are many local varieties of the style, but most have this in common.

The only exception to this we make in our Wilston village restaurant is catering to most dietary requirements you might have:

You can choose from a variety of vegetarian and Gluten-Free options. Plus, several of our signature dishes can be made vegetarian or Gluten-Free if that is how you would like them. If this is an option, it will be clearly marked on the menu.

For any and all of your other requirements, all you need to do is let us know when you book.

Any questions? Why not give us a call, we are more than happy to help:

(07) 3088 3257

Sichuan Bang Bang and Pizzeria Violetta are under the same roof in Wilston!


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We combine two of the top Wilston restaurants under the same roof, creating a combined dining experience which suits almost any taste you care to name. We also deliver to other areas and suburbs of Brisbane, including Newmarket, Grange, Lutwyche, Windsor and Herston.

You can have us cater to large groups and small groups. In addition, we regularly provide full-scale catering for dinner parties, weddings, birthday celebrations and other events.

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