Sichuan cuisine is widely considered the most beloved form of cuisine throughout China by lending itself to the celebration of the spices. Coming to existence in the southwestern Chinese province Sichuan, this style of cooking makes a bold testament to your senses through the generous use of chilli, garlic and the highly unique flavour of the Sichuan peppercorn.

Our chefs and Sichuan Bang Bang are masters of the flaming wok, producing freshly prepared, flavoursome and aromatic dishes. Our wish is to enlighten the people of Brisbane to our audacious and yet humble culinary culture. Despite its high heat and spicy reputation, we also intend to be able to tailor our products best suited to your pallet.

V = vegetarian or can be made vegetarian - please specify when placing order

G/F - can be made gluten free - please specify when placing order

Menu items may change subject to season and produce availability

Ⓢ denotes level of spice
Fully Licensed.