May 2014, The Urban List 50 Meals You Should Have Eaten if You Live in Brisbane

Are you a food snob or a gastro rookie? More Master Chef or MKR? Do you go for takeaway, or prefer a good degustation?

Regardless of your foodie habits, there’s no denying Brisbane is a culinary boomtown, and, boy, is there a lot to eat! Sometimes it can feel like you’ve just put down your knife and fork and there’s yet another delectable delight just waiting to be demolished. But we’re willing to bet you haven’t tried it all.

Over the years, we’ve witnessed the rise of the cronut gonut, the salted caramel craze of 2013, pork belly’s saturation point, Brisbane’s enduring love affair with all things breakfast, and more share plates than you can poke a stick at. But some meals are so good, so gosh darn delicious, they go beyond ‘trendy’ and have earned a place in our hearts — and on our plates — for good.  

To test your eating prowess, we’ve compiled a list of the 50 things you should have eaten by now if you live in Brisbane. These are the meals we go back for, the meals we book weeks in advance, the meals we write home about. (May they never change their menus.)

So, how much of Brisbane have you eaten? Take our quiz below to find out! Simply tick off the dishes you’ve tried, fill in your email address, and we’ll deliver your results straight to your inbox. 


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Renata Roberts