Gourmand and Gourmet - Brisbane's Spiciest Meals August 2014

Chinese Sichuan | Sichuan Bang Bang

The hottest of all Asian hotpots, the Sichuan province of China prides itself on serving the most epically spicy food of all time, and you can guarantee that anything with the word ‘Sichuan’ in front of it will have you steaming from the ears. Kenmore favourite, Sichuan Bang Bang, just wacked it front of their restaurant name, which pretty much says it all about their menu. Scrumptious Sichuan crispy fried chicken with dried chilli and coriander or Sichuan wok fried eggplant with minced pork in chilli sauce will have you guzzling water like it’s wine. Ask for ‘crazy hot’ if you dare.

Renata Roberts