QANTAS QMAG February 2017 - Australia's Best Yum Cha

This Sichuan eatery tucked away in a tarted- up Paddington worker's cottage, is tiny, tasty and great value for money. The limitless $35-per-head offering (on Sundays only) includes a beer or a glass of wine and a fresh, fun take on the yum cha experience. Order whatever takes your fancy from the 18-odd dishes available and it'll be whipped up fresh in the kitchen. It may seem like a good plan to work your waythrough the entire menu but this eyes-bigger-than-belly approach could result in missing out on the "famous" prawn and tofu-skin spring rolls, the cubes of salt-and-pepper tofu that are crisp outside andpillowy-soft inside,ortheshengjianbao (pan-fried soup dumplings). The unassuming- sounding crushed cucumber and garlic sounds like the dish to skip but once you've tried it, you'll probably order seconds. Groups of 10 or more can book yum cha any day of the week. 

Renata Roberts